Why doesn’t the (car) salesman sell?

The car in the picture has not been sold to me. Every now and then I feel pain that I am not being sell. Yes, they are pushed and cheated, but they are sold professionally very rare

Let me tell you a terrible example. Every word here is true, even if we all wish it weren’t. About 51,490.13 euros and some work time will be waste in this story alone. I guarantee that this kind of story is repeated hundreds of times every day all over Pakistan.

 Let’s get started.

In 2024, I bought a brand- new car for sale in lahore Kia Sorento from a Pakistan car dealership. We were moving abroad with our family, so we got a car called as a moving vehicle without Pakistan car taxes. A very profitable deal. We didn’t really need to sell the car, because we had decided what we wanted and we needed someone to deliver it to us and do the paperwork. This was handled very well with the help of the first car salesman who walked into the store.

We returned to Pakistan in the summer of 2024 and the car’s grace period (the time when we could not sell it in Pakistan) ended in the summer of 2024.

Three months before the grace period ended, I considered selling the car immediately after the grace period ended and upgrading to a newer model. I dug up a conversation with our car salesman from 2024 in my e-mail and replied to the message thread with an e-mail like this:

“Hello first name,

what kind of delivery time and at what price is the new 7-seater, four-wheel drive Kia Sorento available? 

So, I think I was a fairly strong lead, if not even a prospect. I received an answer the same day

Which version do you want EX, Premium or Luxury.

Nice move, I thought, as the seller responded to my email immediately. Still remembered my nickname. I myself act smart, because when car fever strikes, you have to act quickly. After all, it might pass and lose to the voice of reason.

So our conversation was quite brief and went straight to the point. I think we progressed towards the goal promisingly. The new car is already a little tingly in the pit of my stomach. Then I got the answer:

Guess what happened after that?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The seller didn’t call, didn’t ask if I wanted a test drive, didn’t ask what color to order. He did the most unimaginable of tricks: he started radio silence. I don’t know, maybe it was four o’clock.

Car fever subsided and we decided to keep our current car for the time being. The voice of reason won the bad sales 6-0. It’s been nine months now.

Let’s continue.

Last week I took my car to that shop for maintenance and thought I’d check out the new model. I also decided to see how sales work in the store itself.

It was Thursday and it was 2:30 p.m. I left my car for maintenance and walked to the new cars side. The store was completely empty. In addition, no other customers were seen there. Someone was sitting at the information desk, but he didn’t turn to see what the gust of wind caused by the opening of the front door carried into the shop. I decided that now you can sell to me, but I’m not going to actively work as a buyer.

I walked around the hall and looked at new cars. Then I found Kia. The Sorento, Shortage and someone smaller were on display. Right next to them were four sperm cells. I knew them to be the salesmen’s territory, because we did the paperwork for our previous car in one of those just under five years earlier. 

Three of the booths were empty, but one had life. There were three (apparently) vendors talking to each other. (I concluded them to be sellers, because they had dared to step into that seller’s territory and also seemed to enjoy themselves there). They noticed me. I figured it out when one said ” Moro “. I snapped back, but I didn’t dare bother them anymore, so I got to know the car on my own.

I opened the driver’s door and got in. I pulled the door shut. I looked at the car from the inside. Then I moved to the back door, opened it and tested the passenger compartment. And out of the car again. I opened the tailgate and checked the size of the trunk. In the end, I sat down in the place of fear. I didn’t kick the tires. I circled the car and around it for maybe ten minutes. Finally, I read the car’s price tag for a minute, genuinely intereste.

One of the sellers said a good joke, because I heard the others laughing.

After the Sorento, I studied the Sportage in the same way. A neat looking game too, but a bit too small for our family, I thought.

I looked in the direction of the sellers. Something interesting had appeare on because everyone was looking at it. I started walking out of the empty store. Guess what the sellers said then?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Or at least for me.

They could say to each other that “those damn tire kickers again who don’t buy anything.”

Driving home in a five-year-old Sorento that had been serviced and extended again due to poor sales, I thought that it would be wonderful to own such a great business that you wouldn’t have to sell anything to anyone. In reality, my inner entrepreneur cried big tears. What a totally cheesy opportunity. This fruit wasn’t even hanging low anymore. It was perfectly ripe and had already fallen into the picker’s basket, but the picker was too lazy to even glance at his catch. I felt like turning back, opening the shop door and screaming

“SELL THE DEVIL!” loud as a sound coming from the throat.

I didn’t do it. You know, even if I disturbed you again.

Okay, you can’t criticize if you don’t give suggestions for improvement. So below are five tips for any seller:

Always say hello and ask how you can help. Whether your prospect comes in through the door or the internet, don’t be silent. This applies specially to stores that you actually walk into (there are still some for some reason). Every staff member should welcome the newcomer there. How do I know who should say goodbye to me because of their title? I look forward to greetings from everyone.

Be proactive. The auto shop would have made pkr51,000 more in turnover with 98% certainty already in April 2024, if the seller had added just one sentence to his last email. That sentence would have sounded like this: “Where can I pick you up tomorrow at 10 o’clock for a test drive?”

Find out the obstacles to the purchase and offer a solution. For me, the obstacle would have been liquidity. A good seller would certainly have found suitable financing for me.
Create trust. Even if I trust the best car valuation brand, in more expensive purchases (and why not smaller ones as well) I want to know the person I’m buying from. Even at the level that I can classify as either Slytherin or reliable. I wouldn’t buy anything from the first one.
Ask if you buy. So many of us are hoping for that question – at the right moment. It is not an intrusive question, but sometimes even a saving one.

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