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In vitro, fertilization is the name given to the supportive reproductive technique applied to prevent the inability of the male or female couple to have a baby due to infertility. It is successfully applied in all infertility diagnoses today. This IVF Treatment Pakistan method, which is applied to expectant mothers and fathers who want to have a baby, is applied by fertilizing the egg taken from the woman and the sperm sample taken from the man in a laboratory environment under the supervision of doctors. The embryo formed after fertilization is transferred into the uterus of the expectant mother.

There is no difference between the pregnancy that occurs after these procedures and the pregnancy that occurs after classical fertilization.

How long does it take to treat the test-tube baby?

When taking the first step into the in vitro fertilization treatment process, the road ahead may seem very uncertain for most prospective parents. Although the goal is to give birth to a healthy baby, it is much more difficult for candidates to know what to expect in this journey. Just as each case is unique, it is impossible to predict exactly how the expectant mother’s cycle will go. At this point, it is also important for parents to understand well what in vitro fertilization and the in vitro fertilization process are.

The in vitro fertilization treatment process, which is a complex series of procedures used to aid fertility or prevent genetic problems and help have children, has certain stages that are different for each candidate. Many subjective factors affect the process, such as how quickly the person’s body will respond to treatment. The cause of infertility is the factor that will give the most clues about the progress of the process at this point. However, for the woman, the in vitro fertilization process begins weeks before. In vitro fertilization is not a single treatment, but a series of procedures. An average IVF cycle takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks from consultation to transfer, but the path is similar for each patient, depending on each person’s specific circumstances. What changes is how your body responds at each stage

When should couples who cannot have children despite regular sexual intercourse turn to in vitro fertilization treatment?

Some people can get pregnant very quickly, while for others it may take longer. In general, approximately 84% of couples who have regular and unprotected intercourse every 2 or 3 days are expected to become pregnant within a year. Infertile couples who still cannot get results after one year should see a specialist general practitioner.

Infertility, also known as infertility among the public, is a situation in which a couple does not become pregnant despite having regular unprotected sexual intercourse. In vitro fertilization treatment is a frequently preferred treatment not only for couples suffering from this condition but also in many other cases, especially for couples who have difficulty getting pregnant due to age. Therefore, to get positive results in ivf treatment in pakistan lahore; The question of which situations or for whom it can be applied is also of great importance.

How is In Vitro Fertilization Treatment Done?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of several techniques that help people with fertility problems have a baby. In vitro fertilization treatment, which is a method frequently used by couples who want to have a baby, is collected by collecting the eggs and sperm, which are the reproductive cells of the mother and father; It involves a treatment process aimed at achieving pregnancy by bringing the embryo together outside the body, fertilizing it, and transferring the resulting embryo to the uterus of the expectant mother.

During in vitro fertilization, an egg is removed from the woman’s ovaries and fertilized with sperm in the laboratory. The fertilized egg, called an embryo, is then sent back to the woman’s uterus to grow and develop. It can be done using your eggs and your partner’s sperm or eggs and sperm from donors.

How to Take Sperm from a Man in In Vitro Fertilization Treatment?

In Male Fertility Treatment in Lahore, the expectant mother’s eggs must be collected after the necessary procedures and combined with the sperm taken from the expectant father for fertilization in the laboratory environment.

At this point, sperm samples to be taken from the prospective father are provided by masturbation unless there is a special situation. One of the important things to consider here is that the father-to-be must be abstinent for 2 to 4 days to be able to give a sperm sample.

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