Types of face creams. What to choose?

Now that we know how vital Beauty Creams are in our care, we should also learn about a completely different distinction between these products. We don’t necessarily divide them into those that we use during the day or those that work at night. Moreover, it is not about dividing cosmetics into women’s and men’s. However, such a division is essential for some people (women’s skin often has slightly different needs than men’s; the differences also result from the fragrance compositions used). First, focusing on what problem a specific Beauty cream will deal with is good.

Before buying a new care product, we should carefully consider our skin’s needs and whether they have changed in recent months. However, we can learn how to read ingredients, which can be challenging to understand. We should know the names of these additives that are not necessarily good for our skin (for example, we are allergic to them) and pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. Information about the most essential active ingredients can usually be found on the packaging. So, what are the most popular types of creams?

Nourishing and regenerating face creams

The nourishing cream is almost as famous as the moisturizing face cream. This type of cosmetic is used by people who, for various reasons, may have skin problems and anyone who has recently neglected skin care. Sometimes, we need to reach for a cosmetic containing many nutrients.

Vitamin A is considered one of the unique active substances believed to have this effect. It is an ingredient that will work well in the case of various skin problems. It accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis, improves its protective functions, increases the level of hydration and makes the skin soft to the touch and visibly smoother. It is worth adding, however, that in cosmetics, we often find a combination of vitamins A and E, which works exceptionally well for mature skin.

Anti-wrinkle face creams

However, we are more than just hydration and nutrition. Mature women very eagerly choose anti-wrinkle face creams. The first wrinkles may appear very early if we ignore daily facial care. To slow down these processes and restore the skin’s glow, you can use various treatments available in salons and beauty parlours. But every specialist in this field will tell us that it is equally necessary whether we take care of our face at home. Day and night creams containing anti-wrinkle active substances are perfect here.

Moisturizing face creams

It cannot be denied that facial moisturizing creams are the most frequently chosen care cosmetics. If our skin lacks the appropriate amount of water, it becomes rough and red, it does not tolerate external factors well, and it may also cause discomfort in burning and itching. And dry patches that keep us up at night and are extremely visible when we apply colour cosmetics to our faces. Of course, dryness can result from many reasons, and changing your entire care routine may be necessary, but reaching for a moisturizing cream will help.

Therefore, it is a universal addition because we often encounter dryness, regardless of the season and skin type. It is worth adding that even if you have oily skin, it is necessary to use face cream moisturizer because excessive oiliness may result from the skin’s reaction to the lack of moisture (the sebaceous glands produce oily sebum). But if you have dry skin, in this case, you have to use the best moisturizer for dry skin. What ingredients are trendy when restoring the appropriate amount of epidermal water? These include hyaluronic acid, collagen, algae and aloe extracts, glycerin, squalane, lactic acid, betaine, allantoin and urea. Of course, the list is much longer, but no one should be surprised that some of these additives are also used in anti-wrinkle creams.

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