Show Your Brand’s Premium With Custom Flip Top Boxes

If you are dealing with premium products like jewelry, perfumes, electronic gadgets, etc then you must be aware that the quality of the product alone will not be sufficient to get the attention of the customers. To show the premiums of your brand you have to get custom flip top boxes. 

The current consumer is very blessed as it has a lot of options for the same type of products. On one side it creates more than one option for the customers but on the other side, it creates a huge competition among the brands. 

However, with flip top box, you can give a unique look to your product which will allow you to get the attention of the customers. From material to the printed designs of the boxes, all make your product irresistible to customers. 

Importance Of Custom Flip Top Boxes 

The importance of boxes can never be negated as they are the first things that the customers see. The boxes are undeniably useful in getting the attention of the customer, but the protection of the products also relies on the box quality. 

When you select decorative flip top packaging you give the desirable look to your product. The reason for this is that a brand knows what types of packaging can get the attention of the customers as they have researched the audience preferences which helps them to design the boxes accordingly. 

Relation Of Material And Product Value

The first feature of your boxes that will resonate with the quality and premium standard of your brand is the material. No matter what type of product you are going to sell to the customers, the quality of the material matters a lot. Apart from the protection of your product a good quality material will give the best shape to your boxes. 

The materials that you can use for your flip top box with magnetic closure are as follows: 

  • Kraft 
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugation 
  • Rigid 

Although all of the above-mentioned materials are an ideal option for the manufacturing of boxes with a flip-top, the most preferable material is rigid. The main reason for this much popularity of rigid material is its wood-like texture and sturdiness. From flip top gift box to retail ones, a rigid material is the most potent option. 

The problem with premium products is that they are delicate as compared to the products of regular use. This delicacy of the products requires packaging that can give perfect protection from all the potential damages. 

Box Designing And Brand Standard 

You may not have an idea how much  flip top boxes wholesale designing is essential for the look of your product. The overall value of the products is directly proportional to the box quality. Flip-top packaging has an enticing design that will give your product a premium look. So when the customers enter the shop they can never overlook your products.

Apart from retail purposes, you can use this style for various other items such as flip top business card boxes. When it comes to customization, the sky’s the limit so you can get the boxes for all your unique items and the most unique designs. 

To design the boxes you have to select the following three things: 

  • Printings: Printings are an inevitable part of the packaging. Printed designs are extremely important to get handle boxes as it is the main thing that differentiates ordinary packaging from custom ones. 
  • Add-Ons: Among all the unique attributes of your flip top boxes, one factor that can change the look of your product to 180 degrees is the use of add-ons. From the simplest to the luxurious ones, all the options can be availed by contacting a skilled packaging company.
  • Coatings: Coatings or finishings are the best things that you can add to the boxes. From a premium glossy look to a sophisticated matte look, the coatings will make it easy for you to impress the customers. 
  • Stickers And Labels: You can stickers and labels on your decorative flip top boxes to further enhance the look. The use of labels or stickers is not preferable for small boxes. But if you are selling medium to large-sized products, the addition of custom labels and stickers is perfect. 
  • Metallic Foilings: Companies that have a high packaging solution budget can get metallic coatings or foilings on the boxes. There are plenty of options for metallic coatings available in the market, such as rose gold, emerald green, silver, etc. Not only this, but you can also get a rainbow effect on your boxes that will give your product a premium look. 

Final Words! 

Custom flip top boxes are necessary for your luxurious products. The premium nature of the boxes allows you to get the best of all protection and presentation for your product. With top-notch quality rigid material, you can make your customers the fans of your product. 

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