Five tips to sell your furniture online as quickly as possible

When you move or clear out the trash, you may come across countless items and furniture that reveal how unnecessarily you kept them. Here are some tips that will make your online sales go much faster.

The right place

The most essential step is to find the online interface, website, and Facebook group that is reliable and used by many, such as Used furniture buyers in Dubai! This way, you will reach the most potential customers.

    Enter a realistic price!

    On these pages, you can check the “competition” and see what price other people are asking for similar furniture. Your timing can also play a part in determining the price: if you want to get rid of it quickly, list it cheaper in the first place, but if you have time, don’t be afraid to give a higher price! The right buyer will come along.

      Take at least five pictures of the furniture!

      The more photos you have of it, the more irresistible it will be. If you are not a professional photographer, feel free; we will help!

        • Clean the furniture before the photo! Bring your best form!

        • Don’t make the picture crowded! Remove things that don’t belong, such as pillows, mugs, books, etc.

        • Take photos in daylight, natural light!

        • Take a picture of it from every angle: from the front, back, side, even up close, so its material can be seen!

        Be honest!

        Everyone instinctively tries to hide the flaws of the furniture offered for sale. However, this makes your chances worse than better. Describe if it is scratched or has tears or discoloration so used furniture buyers will trust you much more!

          Tell me about it!

          Briefly summarize where the furniture comes from: write down its brand, where you kept it, or whether or not it comes from a home with pets. It may also be worth adding why you are selling. You don’t have to write a novel, but this way, you can introduce your furniture to customers in advance.

          Online is also on Facebook! Click here and like us for the latest interior design trends, creative ideas, and fresh information about the magazine. Visit Max Used Furniture, where we are waiting for you with new apartments and daily tips!

          What should I do with antiques, artifacts, and furnishings?

          The Max Used Furniture art dealer is perhaps one of the best-known in the antiques market. The online appraisal service is already available here, where, based on a picture and the information received, it is identified whether they can take in the art object or not. They have also expanded their services and organized workshops like the “carpet knowledge and repair course.” Apart from them, we also have excellent experiences with the Max Used Furniture online marketplace, where you can trade antiques online – this is a good idea for antiques. In the case of works of art, you should look for galleries and auction houses, including used furniture buyers in Ajman.

          For modern furnishings, well-known online marketplaces such as eBay or OLX and Facebook groups themed around brands are the best.

          3. Good serving is half the battle

          In any case, make sure that you present the item you want to sell nicely. If you sell something, you must send a picture almost everywhere, so pay attention to the aesthetics; the image should be clear and well-lit, with no shirtless roommate in the background, chaos thrown on the ground, disorder, and the like. A simple monochrome background is enough, in front of which you take a photo of what you don’t need, and they can take it away.

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