Facebook Page Administrators: What They Do and How You Can Appoint Them

To start a career as an influencer with many fans or likes on Facebook there is only one way: owning a Facebook page. And to manage a successful Facebook page, especially when it is growing, you need to be familiar with managing roles on the page: here’s what it means to be the administrator of a Facebook page and how you can add others.

The Facebook page administrator: what he can do

The page was created on the Facebook platform to distinguish business activities, information sites or VIP personalities from private profiles. One of the differences between pages and user profiles is in fact the number of people who can publish:

  • the user profile is intended as personal, i.e. managed individually by a person
  • the page, on the contrary, can be managed either by a single person or by a group of users. The user who manages the page and who has rights to publish and moderate the contents is called “administrator”.

The first administrator of the Facebook page is the user responsible for its creation and has total management capabilities of the page, including publication, scheduling, deletion and moderation of posts, but also the possibility of banning users and adding and deleting other administrators or managers in another role.

How to add Facebook administrators from desktop

Let’s see together how to add a person among our friends as administrator of our Facebook page.

  • Log in to your Facebook profile with your credentials;
  • choose the Facebook page to which you want to add an administrator from the drop-down menu (you can do this via the little arrow pointing downwards at the top right of your home page or by accessing the page from the quick links on the left, or by searching for the name via the bar of research);
  • once on the page, look for the “Settings” item at the top and click on it;
  • in the menu click on ” Page roles “;
  • on the new page click on the item ” Assign a new role on the page “;
  • in the drop-down menu choose the “Administrator” item, then enter the email address or name of the user we want to appoint.

Add Facebook administrators from the mobile app

If adding administrators to Facebook pages from a computer is really simple, adding administrators from a mobile app simply needs a few more steps:

  • Download the “Page Manager” application , available for both iOS and Android;
  • start the application and log in with your Facebook credentials;
  • after setting up the app, click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom and choose the page to which you want to add an administrator ;
  • click on the three lines again and choose the “More” item;
  • now click on “Page settings” and then on “ Edit page roles ”;
  • at this point click on “Add a person to the page; the app will ask for your password, enter it and click on “Continue”;
  • finally it will be possible to enter the name of the user you want to make administrator.

Appoint your page administrator

Now that you know how to do it, don’t hesitate to ask for help: managing a Facebook page with multiple hands can help bring out the best ideas and avoid stress.

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