Conroe Independent School District

Conroe ISD offers several programs to assist its students with success, including Bilingual/EL Program and GT/Advanced Academic Program (GT/AAP). EL enforces Dual Language model while GT/AAP puts talented students into classes that challenge them.

As part of their safety plan, the district has implemented mandatory identification badges for junior high and secondary school students on campus.

Academic Excellence

Conroe Independent School District is widely respected both academically and athletically, offering students an excellent preparation for college admission. Families looking for an educational experience that includes strong academic standards as well as top quality extracurricular activities should consider Conroe ISD when selecting their child’s school district.

District 191 earned a B rating on the Texas Education Agency’s accountability report for 2021-22, released August 15, by Texas.

CISD public schools rank in the top 10% in Texas. Most of its campuses earned TEA STAAR component scaled scores between 90 and 100 on the TEA STAAR component test.

Conroe ISD SSO students graduate with high marks on Advanced Placement exams, which many colleges recognize. The district also provides Career and Technical Education options and fine arts programs, including 21 students across five campuses who received Texas Music Educators Association All-State honors in band, choir or orchestra performances.

Fine Arts

Conroe ISD students are encouraged to think creatively and receive a comprehensive education. From athletic opportunities, cutting-edge Career and Technical Education curriculum and fine arts classes – our students find inspiration in learning.

One such program is the mariachi program, which was initially established as an after-school activity but has since expanded into public performances and requires support from its community to remain fully functional.

Visit the Madeley Building art gallery to get a true taste of art in your school district, where students from the local art classes have created amazing paintings and sculptures that visitors can browse freely while conversing with an art teacher about each topic displayed. Open from Tuesdays to Saturdays (closed Sunday and Monday).

Staff Development

No matter their source of entry to teaching – whether traditional university preparation or alternative certification programs – teachers are encouraged to learn and grow within their district. New teachers are provided mentorship during a two year Novice Teacher Academy where professional development sessions focus on instruction and content pedagogy.

Conroe ISD equips its teachers with technological resources that can assist both them and their students with staying organized, enhancing learning, and providing an interactive learning experience. These resources include online curriculum, wireless laptops/tablets/internet access and high speed internet connections.

The district is committed to the safety of students and staff alike, mandating student ID badges at each campus for 2023-24 school year and offering panic buttons at each one, which allow students to easily connect with police or medical services through cell phones with just the press of a button on their cell phones. School districts should recognize this step toward campus safety, while also supporting work-life balance initiatives which enable teachers to maintain healthy lifestyles while attending to students’ learning needs.

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